Pinipig Shortbread Cookies

These Pinipig shortbread cookies are so crisp and buttery, I am almost tempted to perch myself on a podium and sing my own praises. But that would have been me standing on shaky ground because really, pinipig shortbread cookies like these ones made of flour, butter, and sugar are nothing new in Filipino cuisine with polvoron being the perfect example.

These shortbread cookies are baked in low temp just until they are light brown across the top surface and a slightly deeper brown around the edges. There are three ways you can make them.

  • Press the dough down into a round pan, bake and cut into segments while still warm from the oven.
  • Roll the dough out into a 1/2 inch thick slab and then slice into “fingers”.
  • Drop by tablespoonful on a baking sheet and flatten down before baking.

Please note that the cookies will be soft and crumbly fresh from the oven but will firm up nicely as they cool. Enjoy them with hot tea, coffee or tsokolate for a delightful treat.

Pinipig Shortbread Cookies

These simple shortbread cookies are buttery, crispy, sweet goodness everyone will enjoy!

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