Makes your business advance with Eva from Voicera

Makes your business advance with Eva from Voicera

As the technology is getting advance day by day in the result of this the life of human is getting more comfortable as the basic need of progress in the field of technology is that every person wants to makes its life more comfortable.

Because every person is stuck in different things he don’t have that much time to give some time to his family or friends and this thing is making gaps in different relationships.

In this one of the biggest problem is related to meetings because now a days if a person is running its own business or he or she is working in an organization has to attend meetings.

The basic purpose behind these meeting is to set the performance of all the thing and run all the things in a stream line but the drawback of these meetings is that the whole day was ruined and person was cut off from the external world.

But every problem has a solution in this case the solution is known as Eva as it is a mobile application and it is one of the basic working forms of artificial intelligence.

The working procedure of this app is very simple as first of all user has to install it and this he has to sign it from a Microsoft account or from any other account like google Hotmail etc.

And then you will be able to use it the biggest advantage of this app is that it work with voice command and don’t listen world by world it summaries that get the option ready for you. Along with if you are arranging a meeting  you just have to give a command and all the invitation are send to all the members further there are different option that you want to send a voice message or a written message.

After that when you are attend the meeting it record all the points presented in the meeting and make a chart of these points than it also separates all the highlights and keywords then sent it to all the members.

In this way the further working will become easier and the duration of the meeting will be less because no point is repeated and the performance of the work is moves towards the perfection and all this will be done by just installing a simple application.