Make Amazing Motion Stills with Google’s Motion Stills

Make Amazing Motion Stills with Google’s Motion Stills

If you are a smartphone user you are must be a cool cinematography fan, and you also want to create beautiful gifs and motion stills.But the issue is that you are not familiar with the professional, so you compromise on it, but this compromise will cost you high.

Because every person loves to capture beautiful memories and as the trends are changing continuously people prefer to use still videos.

But the issue is that most of the smartphones are not offering these features, but it is the natural inhabitant of human that if don’t have a thing he prefers to use an alternate solution.And these solutions are available in the form of applications, but there is an issue with these apps is that there is no such proper package that offers all these features.

If a person installs different apps for different features, it is hard to manage all these apps at the same time, but now there is nothing to worry because now the app developing process is decidedly advance and now the trend is the to compile multiple things in one space.

Now by using this process development, Google comes with the best of making motion stills and time-lapse. Name of the app is Google’s Motion Stills and is now available for all the smartphone users.
Some of the highlights features of Google’s Motion Stills are these:

It doesn’t make simple pictures it can make gifs, or in other words, it is known as motion stills because memories and ideal moments are preferable to save them in the form of gifs or videos.

Now with this app, you can quickly make  gifs along with you will be able to do hyper laps along with time-lapse a few years back you are not able to make these types videos and the time is change, and you can do all these things with a simple mobile app.

The additional feature added by Google in these is that you can efficiently manage the speed of all like if you want the original speed than its ok but if the duration is not according to your requirement that you can speed up the video and show all the content.

I prefer to use Google’s Motion Stills to get and enjoy all these features along with this I also told you to download it and share your best moments with others.